Cool Timeline

May 1

Windows & Doorways for Abury

Capsule collection designed as the winner of the 2016 Abury Design Experience.
May 18

Abury Design Experience Winner

Adan Ballou was the 2016 Abury Design Experience Winner. This opportunity led him to spend three (3) months in Marrakesh, Morrocco to design a capsule collection for Abury.
January 1

Jacob’s Travels

The process of self-discovery and subsequent acceptance, which ultimately leads to try to find personal harmony.
January 1

The Fight & The Hope

The hope for what we fight for and the fight that we hope for.
January 1

The Long Road Ahead

This collection was an examination on the perseverance and personal constitution.
January 1

An Inordinate Display of Aggression

This collection was based on the idea of "over the top" concept or "it is too much." Skull Belt - An Inordinate Display of Aggression Collection  
January 1

Hello World!

Adam French moves to Brandon, MB and establishes Adan Ballou. The name of "Adan" coming from the Spanish translation of "Adam" and "Ballou" coming from his great grandmother's maiden name. "Hello World!" came from transitioning from a technology to a designer career. View the Motion Editorial by clicking on the image below: Adan Ballou's First Collection - Hello World!