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AB Philosophy

Ab Philosophy

Our focus at Adan Ballou is the experience that ownership provides to you. An Adan Ballou item is designed to become yours with time, and be yours to carry your stories and recall your history. The experience of ownership gives you a relationship with your Adan Ballou item that grows deeper and more complex every time you wear it.


An Adan Ballou item is an amalgamation of western equestrian leather craft and the philosophies of art Nouveau, Art Deco, and French Couture. The work must speak, be original and striking, while being something you want to incorporate into your life.


We use natural and recycled materials and processes, which are respectful of the environment. We believe a company can accept a stewardship for the environment and society it operates in.


We regard the time it takes to make an item as valuable part of its production. The meditative process of making something by hand provides an air, which simply cannot be reproduced by a machine.


AB explores new creative boundaries of leather craft, by exploring new techniques taking into consideration the artisanal handmade element – this is what we call Haute Cuir – a perspective similar to haute couture or cuisine.

The Process


Adan Ballou developed it’s own dye process, to ensure that all colors are completely natural. Using dye stuffs like flowers, berries, roots, and a process similar to wine making, we distill our own colors which we apply to only the best full grain vegetable tanned leathers available. This process maintains the texture, suppleness, elasticity, and personality of the leather which is the basis of its ability to mould and adapt itself to your use.

Different metal colors are achieved by creating alloys with different recycled metals like copper, tin, brass, and aluminum.


The metal elements used in Adan Ballou items are intended to be works of fine art into themselves. Modelled by hand and cast from recycled metals, the ancient arts of ‘cire perdue’ sand casting and bronze sculpture are used. Skills found in jewelry making like forging and brazing further add to the handmade nature of each item. The attention to detail, materials chosen, and the creative freedom possible with our own in house foundry, sets an Adan Ballou accessories apart from any other.


Leather is one of the oldest things that man made for himself. We as a species first learned to clothe ourselves in leather.

Adan Ballou uses only vegetable (or bark) tanned leather, naturally processed without the use of chemicals like chromium or sulfuric acid. Only naturally tanned leather will gain a patina rather then wearing out, molding itself to its owners use the way that cowboy boots and leather gloves do.

Our goal is to provide an authentic leather experience that is unique to each of our customers while being environmentally and ethically respectful.


Most items are designed so they can be personally monogrammed for the owner. This feature, combined with the properties of the materials used, ensures that each item can carry the history of its owner, as well as their name. More elaborate personalization, like family crests, or pictorials require consultation with an artist, and are available only on selected designs.

Each item is individually serial numbered, verifying its authenticity. The serial number denotes when the item was made and sets it apart from all others.

The tooling process used to apply the serial number and monograms is a particularly western leather craft. This feature provides our customers with the ability to make their Adan Ballou item even more unique and denote it as particularly theirs.

Whether simple monogrammed initials or a complex pictorial, leather tooling is an involved process of design and repoussé, which can elevate an item from beautiful to a treasured heirloom

Observations of the things that motivate us to be better than we currently are inspired the ‘Jacob’s Travels’ collection. Meditations on concepts like our own mortality, the opinions of others, our hopes for the future, personal desires, etc are viewed thru a very personal lens which reflects back our opinions of ourselves and the reality we live in.  These observations are collected into each piece as a visual commentary on their subject.

Adan Ballou

The Fight & The Hope

Adan Ballou Collection

The Fight & The Hope

Very cool bag! Looks like a great weekend bag, that would look great with jeans, boots and a big chunky sweater!

Jeanne Becker

Fashion Personality

The Fight & The Hope is a collection of work representing the fight for what we hope for, and the hope for what we fight for. It examines the antagonistic & symbiotic relationship between these two spheres of thought, and how they drive each other. The hope one finds for themselves (micro) is not a single dimensional idea, like desire, but a sphere of empowered inspiration. When driven by an anonymous aggressor (macro), which offers no compassion, mercy, or outlet for the frustrations of those it dominates, a system is created. I hope that this system and the power its cycles create, may drive the change that altruistic minds are searching for.

Adan Ballou, The Designer

The Long Road Ahead

This collection was very personal for me. I spent a long time considering what it meant to move forward, to abandon the expectations you had and to find a new way to view the world. I wanted to create a collection which spoke of finding your own path, after realizing that the world you thought you knew was gone. The act of finding strength within yourself.

Adan Ballou, Designer

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